Medicine Bag Project
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Medicine Bag Project
RR1 Box 715
Vanzant, MO 65768
Phone: 417-948-1212

"By living The Way, we preserve The Way"
MB Equine Formulas
Medicine Bag Complete
     - For general health and well being of your horse
Ligdon Formula
     - Specifically formulated for ligament/tendon and athritis issues
Medicine Bag Project Equine Program is multi-faceted and centered within our spiritual teachings. We address the three concentric circles of physical, mental and spiritual. These three facets are parts of the whole and crucial to attaining ‘Right Relationship.’  

Our unique process consists of several proprietary formulas, therapies, training and teaching modalities. Each one is a program unto itself. 

Medicine Bag Project is currently headquartered at our Ozark facility in Vanzant, Missouri. We are also partnered with Valhalla Farms in North Florida. These two facilities allow us to service the central and eastern part of the U.S.  Establishing a West Coast facility is our next priority.
Equine Development
Medicine Bag Performance Horse Formulas are 'Natural Equine Formulas' which help your horse achieve the health, strength, agility, endurance and desired responsiveness.  Our vitamins and minerals are in a form that your horse can assimilate, making these formulas extremely effective!  Whether you have an injured horse or just want vitamin and mineral supplements, we have a formula for you!