Medicine Bag Project
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Medicine Bag Project
RR1 Box 715
Vanzant, MO 65768
Phone: 417-948-1212

"By living The Way, we preserve The Way"
Products and Services
Herbal Consultation and Formulation
The Numerous Aspects of our Being

- Our Being
-​ Our Physical Body
- Our Mental Body
- Our Vital Body
- Our Soul Body  

There are numerous aspects to our being, each playing an equal role to our overall health.  True balance requires us to recognize the many parts as equal partners and  addressing them all  on our journey to 'Right Relationship'. 

More Information
- Tinctures
- Medicated Oils
- Medicated Ghrta
- Dried Plant Mixes
- Custom Herbal Formulations

We follow in the footsteps of our ancestors in knowing nature heals all.   We have learned from our ancestors that there are herbs for every illness and herbs to prevent illness.  We use only the highest quality plants, herbs and spices in the making of our products.  Combine that with our proprietary method of formulation, and the results speak for themselves.  

Please give us a call to discuss your needs